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Pirates of the Burning Sea: The history of a game
22:22, 2009-Apr-1

Many players are familiar with Pirates of the Burning Sea Gold. Because they use them to play online game, and up their game levels. And they know how to play it, but few people know the history. Do you want to know? Now let us talk about it. It is very interesting. Listen carefully, and you will benefit from it.

Pirates of the Burning Sea are a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Flying Lab Software. The game is set in the Caribbean in 1720 and combines tactical ship and swashbuckling combat with an immersive player driven economy.

Most players know the history of Pirates of the Burning Sea, they would like to change potbs gold to play it. Pre-release started on January 7, 2008 for players who purchased the pre-order. The retail release date was January 22, 2008. The game is subscription based, and requires a monthly fee to play, except for the first month which is free. It is also included in Sony Online Entertainment Station Access, which is a monthly subscription service that provides access to all of SOE games for a flat monthly fee.

In April 2008 one time server transfers were added along with the announcement that the original server list was being reduced to 4, in an effort to increase server populations. As of 4/08 the four active servers available for new player creation and transfers to are Antigua, Blackbeard, Rackham and Roberts. All remaining servers have had new character creation suspended.

In fact, many game players play the online games just for fun. But they will be addicted to the online game because of the potbs Doubloon. Players will choose a Career for their avatars when they begin the game. The Career will determine what abilities and features he will accrue as a captain. The player will receive one point for his career on every other level gained. These points can be spent in various ways depending on which career the player has chosen. Once a career is chosen, it cannot be changed.

Getting potbs money is easy, and loosing it is also easy. Players in Pirates of the Burning Sea will create up to six characters per server to represent themselves in the game. Each of them will captain their own ship and fight either for a nation of their choice or as a Pirate. As the player moves along in the game, the character will develop by gaining ranks. The player can thus unlock new features, such as fighting abilities, and, most importantly, will be able to captain larger and better ships.

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LOTRO: The common questions
22:21, 2009-Apr-1

Do you know LOTRO Gold? I have some game guide about it, and I want to share them with all of you. I think if you read my tips, you will up grade your game level fast. Believe me. This document will guide you through your first steps in Middle-Earth, and I collect the following common questions to help you in some ways.

First, let us talk something about opening an account. Once you have purchased a copy of the game and have your registration key you will need to login with Code masters here. Like any online games, you must loose some Lord Of The Rings Gold. Once you logged in click the Click here to create a new subscription button. On the next screen use the drop down menu to select the game the key is for, enter the key exactly how it appears and type in the word that appears in the image, then click submit. Then you have finished it.

Second, do you know how to communicate with other players? Now let me tell you some guides. Communicating with others is easy to do. By pressing the Enter key you will activate the chat window. The default channel is say which will be seen by those in the immediate area. By starting the conversation with a slash command you can access other channels.

In fact, online games can also teach you something. I know a place where can buy LOTRO Gold. And there you can learn something which you have not known before. In the game, do you know how to move? It is easy. You can use the WASD keys or the arrow keys. You can also use the mouse to look around while moving. By holding both the left and right mouse keys you can move by mouse alone. You can alter these settings in the options panel. Last, I want to say something about attacking. The easiest method is to double mouse click on the creature or being you wish to attack. This will engage the auto attack function. Alternatively you can use tab to target the nearest foe or single mouse click and then use your hot bar functions to initiate a special attack. You can arrange these in any order you like simply by clicking and dragging icons from the character panel around.

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Maple: The pros and the cons of thief
22:21, 2009-Apr-1

Are you looking for unofficial Maple story cheats or Maple story guide in order to get maple mesos faster? Can you make millions of Maple Story Mesos in a day? Go and play the online game and you will find it is a nice online game.

Thieves are very good at killing enemies quickly. They get quite a bit of mesos this way. Thief stats can be screwed up very easily. We know not only the thieves well, but also the pros and cons. 2 types of thieves, they are assassins and bandits. Assassins are quick ranged attackers. They are quite efficient and have good damage potential, but cost a heck of a lot more than bandits. Bandits are quick melee attackers and are quite powerful among the jobs. They are not as meson efficient as Assassins and do not have the benefit of ranged attack but make up for it in much greater raw power, although dagger scrolls have a potential to cost quite a bit of cheap mesos.

Pros, Both bandits and assassins get some cool and useful skills. Have the second highest availability and accuracy after archers. Assassins can take out mobs efficiently with Avenger. Assassins are extremely mobile and have good range. Both are good at bossing at job. Dewless assassins can easily hit the highest damage of all classes between levels 20-70. Assassins and bandits are popular choices in PQs.

I think it is very interesting. You can have a try and playing this kind online game needs not so much maplestory mesos. Now let me talk cons. Low HP and MP, getting 2-hit-killed by monsters at high levels. Assassins, especially dewless ones, are comparatively unpopular due to their stereotyped King. Good stars and amours are extremely expensive.

We know that thieves are a very popular but expensive class. Do you want to save money, link us maple story mesos, let us do something for you?

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Mabinogi: The introduction of Mabinogi
22:20, 2009-Apr-1

Many young people like mabinogi gold because of they can help them up their game level. Mabinogi is an online game released by South Korean Game Distributing Company Nexon, and developed by ducat studio, one of several development teams in Nexon Inc. The Welsh word mabinogi is found in the original manuscripts of the Mabinogion.

The game needs not much cheap mabinogi. The game world is developed continuously, through the release of important patches that introduce new areas, additional features such as pets and new skills, and advancement of the storyline. The user interface is simple and designed in the likeness of Microsoft Windows task bar.

The player is not limited by any class other than the character race, and is free to level up any of the different skills available. The combination of skill choices, age, items, physical constitution, and other variables such as user titles, is what makes up the character. The game play is largely skill-based. To learn and improve skills, Ability Points are required.

There are also various social aspects, like sitting around a campfire, playing music, having a friendly chat, sharing food, as well as making use of different facial expressions to make user interaction more colorful.

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We have mabinogi online gold, here is the best place for you. No matter you are a new game player or a high game player, you will find a suit way for you to play the online game. We just offer the lowest price and the best service, we are online, if you have any problems with buy mabinogi gold, you can contact us anytime and we will try our best to solve your problems.

This kind online game is very popular. During the 2007 Star game show in Seoul, South Korea, Nexon announced an Xbox 360 version of Mabinogi. The North American closed beta test began on January 30, 2008, at 2pm PST. The pre-open beta only available to file planet users was released on March 5, 2008. The full open beta was released on March 6, 2008, at 3PM PST. The North American localization of Mabinogi was officially released on March 27, 2008. After you read the article, I think you will know.


Metin2: Tell you how to be the leadership guide
01:33, 2009-Mar-25

Everyone will ask me how to earn the Metin2 gold in this game and what is leadership? Leadership is an Assist Skill that allows a Party Leader to give bonuses to each member, other than the Leader. He can not assign a bonus to him. At its highest level, it gives a total of seven bonuses. The UK Version may Experience Bonus after a certain level, but currently the US version doesn't for sure. Keep in mind that the higher level your leadership is the more effect each bonus will have. For example, M1 Attacker Bonus will increase more damage than level 10 Attacker Bonus.

The bonuses include Attacker which can increase your attack power, well for warriors. Tanker that can increase hitpoints, good for tankers and possibly for warriors with low hp. And there has enough Metin2 yang in the game. Berserker increases attack speed, good for Arahan warriors. Buffer increases duration of buffs, especially good for buffer Dragon Mages. It may increase the duration of a Dragon Mages Fire Duration. Max Stamina increases max stamina, well for lurers, or those with low Stamina? MP increases max mp, good for healers, Black Magic Suras, and those with low MPAC increases AC, good for tankers with high hp, but not enough AC. But you can also get some Cheap metin2 yang from the game.

How do you raise your leadership level? Where can I find these Leadership Books? You can find Leadership books from any random mob, although the type you find is dependent on the level of the mob. I have only found SunZi Art of Wars in the first maps. I found a few WuZi Art of Wars from the second map, maybe in some stronger places. If you have enough Cheap metin2 gold you can also have the leadership. GuGui Art of Wars drop from higher level places. You can also find Leadership books from the Quest Scrolls.

How do you assign bonuses to party members? In order to assign bonuses to party members, you must be the party leader. You can go to Buy metin2 gold alone in the game. There are symbols to the left of their name. Click on that, and select a bonus. You cannot assign yourself one, assign more than one to a single player, or assign the same bonus to multiple players. If you want to give a party member someone else bonus, you must first remove the wanted bonus from the person, then give the party member the bonus. Keep in mind that you have to be within a certain distance to the party members, otherwise they will not get the bonus. Hope this guide can help you and you will like it.


Ragnarok: It is beautiful when you know it
01:33, 2009-Mar-25

Do you know the ragnarok? Maybe some people I do not know and other people will answer that they know it. I would like to talk to you when I play the game, I do not know why, every time on the tip of my tongue, there is always no chance to express. Every time I would like to bare a kind of my heart, but can not have my wish fulfilled. Every time wants to explain for ro zeny, but I will still play the game every day. Maybe it is ragnarok zeny of interrupt gorgeous. Perhaps it is a worry of a friend of the heart.

You have forgotten me, this is what I feel. I was forgotten at the corner you have forgotten. Dark sky, who is crying? You will never know. Vaguely remember, the muddle of first into the game, it seems that everything is ordinary. Then, as times goes on, feelings deepened unconsciously with worry, with gloom, with joy, with happiness. Now it has more copies of regret, we have been separated because of us.

After leaving, always feel that there are kinds of languages barriers between us as if the long distance blank space. We also get very little contact. Here, I would like to gently tell you: I will try to change myself, making myself mature. I just want you to know, I have always been sorry for this. I would like to tell you, iro zeny, I have never forgotten you.

There always says that a light game will last for long. I do not know if this statement is correct. But in my opinion, those classic games, the cheap zeny is always the faint, but had never been ignored and forgotten.

Every time I am depressed, I will always think of the partners we have played, thinking of ragnarok online zeny, maybe I can not play with them in the same game. However, as long as you feel you are in your side, you will feel comfort, and will forget lonely and sadness. At last, after the dust all of these have settled, maybe it is time to go. How to say? In my mind, the most beautiful, after all, as the meteor over, is the most beautiful arc line in the horizon. There always said to leave. Always said to end, but still do not know. Finally I only want to say that if you want to know more about the game you can contact us!


Perfect World: The skills of the game
01:33, 2009-Mar-25

Here are some crafting skills. To be honest, they really help me a lot in grinding. If you are just a new player as me, you can read the followings and you will know that if you have enough Perfect World Gold you can get some skills of the game when you play the game.

As soon as you can see these three, go to your city elder and click on learn crafting skills. By then, these three skills will be permanently fused in your character giving it skills to craft items. Every skill has a maximum of three levels respectively. This window should appear after clicking on learn crafting skills on the city elder. How to gain level 2 and 3 crafting skills? Just like leveling your character, you should acquire necessary experience on crafting to be able to level it up. And you should go to Buy Perfect World Gold you can know the details. Its up you to choose what skills you want to level up first but personally I recommend you guys to max out tailoring and forging first, I forgot the name of the fourth crafting skill but I am quite sure it has something to do with potions most probably you will do it on the pharmacist 

All the crafting skills have a base level of one. Go to the ironsmith on the city where you first came from and choose craft weapons and you can get some Perfect World Silver. You should have the necessary crafting items needed for that specific weapon, you can buy some of the ingredients at the vendor npcs, the online item mall is your handiest friend in crafting but you have to top up first The level of the crafting skill must be the same or higher as that of the weapon or equipment to be crafted. If you want to let your skills be better you can go to brush the Perfect World money to be strong. And one more thing, level 2 items have ingredients that are also needed to be crafted, they are the ingredients located on the last tab of the crafting window.

All you have to do is craft, craft and craft until the crafting exp bar reaches 100%. I think you will want to get the cheap Perfect World Gold in the game. After reaching 100% go back to the city Elder and buy the level 2 crafting skill. Does the same procedure when at level 2 until you reach level 3? When you meet the pw gold you will be happy I think, because it is very useful for you. And one more thing, level 2 items have ingredients that are also needed to be crafted, they are the ingredients located on the last tab of the crafting window.

I think it is helpful to you and you will like it too.


Rappelz: How to earn money
01:32, 2009-Mar-25

In the game, sure who would want their own high level; have rappelz rupees, but how the money can do? Now, I am here to brief members on the money earned my way. I have just started to earn are not quite how the gold, 1.1points on the hoard the result is hard to save money to buy the whole of the horse. The chances are rather accidental.

One day, someone at the warehouse where throwing things, the result was even picked up accidentally, and one look precious stones are formulas, then that is worthless as a result, one found at the auction house. Was true for me are a windfall, I believe we all have this mind after my mission to do earn rappelz gold, the Snowy Mountains go to fight the snow-covered stone demon, has just hit another two strange storms a just picking at the warehouse where the formula, bad of me! Later I found the recipe here is really high rate of violence, but also the percentage of equipment!

I just count, one during the day and generally hang down, to brush up more than 10, more than 10 Mochizuki, there are other precious stones are some of the whole formula, which is around the game, have the equipment, I made too many 2-hole 3 file necklace, add a percentage of the necklace have really very rich! There are a lot of weapons. Perhaps one day out of three, a 50J, and then add up to be the 550J, then a small 4000J of the week! There you are on a small affluent to buy rupees and then you will be strong in the game, and you will like it at last.

If you go to kill the monsters you can also earn the rappelz money, it is also a good way when you play the game. Brush has a lot of the benefits of the strange, the most important of course, you are upgrade also can be practiced warrior, make some friends and so on almost level. Warrior very important, but even a red name, it would not burst, and equipment are far more important things. You can get some cheap rappelz rupees from the game. Some of my friends might say, that no matter upgrade go to help a friend with two souls, or buy their own two, brush after the expiry of the fare increase 30 gold for sale, are a good business. Finally I wish everyone enjoy the joy of playing the game.


Perfect World: The saddest stories
20:41, 2009-Mar-12

I read two saddest stories on the internet. One of them is a story of murder by an old man who is 60 years old. He killed his newborn granddaughter intentionally by throwing her into Qin Huai River. Because they did not have Perfect World Gold. His granddaughter was only in the world for several days. His family had been exhilarated at hearing the news of the successful deliverance to the world of his granddaughter.

Thinking of the great misery the little baby was suffering from Perfect World Silver and the expense that would soon ensue, the grandfather made the most difficult decision after a refuted discussion with his son. While he was reporting what was actually happening, he got down on his knees and expressed his great distress when he was taking the action and the great Perfect World money that he is feelings. Though the baby was so small, she was a life. No one should have deprived her of that unless she would loss it naturally. I can understand fully now what is said about the law is merciless.

The other is about a ten-year-old boy death. The little boy was singing in a hotel for making cheap Perfect World Gold to live. It was said that customers in the box had forced him to drink a lot of wine, which was most probably the cause of his death. When the little boy was found dead, all the people fled, except one that was as drunk as a log. What is more, a boy who should be at school to be educated would not have been singing for a living at the hotel out of his willingness. He must have been forced to do so, just as he had been forced to drink so much wine in order for some pw Gold.

Not only did they show no mercy for the sad fortune of the little, but they would make fun of him and finally deprived him of little life. Personally I think we should live in the world for the happiness of most of the human beings. Why there are much people who have a lot of money to Buy Perfect World Gold, but some do not have money for life. I am not a saint. But that is what I think we should do as basically a human being. What would happen to the world if every one of us will laugh at the misfortune of others? And in what way our world would become if we all did things like the rogues in the hotel? What do you think of the two saddest stories?


Metin2: What does credit mean?
20:41, 2009-Mar-12

What does credit mean to us? Everyone has their different answers. But a mother, who is blind, has given it a new explanation. Zhou lianhui, has lead a poor life and did not have Metin2 gold for eight years after the death of her husband. In order to pay for what her husband loaned from the local bank, which was only 1000 Yuan, she begged not only for life, but also to pay off the debt. It is only after 8 years that she managed to accomplish the achievement.

For a woman who is blind, what hardship it is to lead a life without much Metin2 yang! But in Zhou Lianhui eyes, she was directly responsible for the load that her husband had left. What a touching scene it must be when the worker in the bank accepted the collection of coins and paper money of little value from the poor blind woman hand.

Just as the interviewee said, Zhou Lianhui was even an illiterate. So she must not have been highly conscious of any kind of moral values about Cheap metin2 yang. She only thought that she was doing what was right and proper for her to do. Watching her in rags and mud, and being assailed by calculi, I am too much moved by the story. She is honored and pretty rewarded by the society now. The bank and benevolent people donated some money to her, to build a house. A hospital has cured her of her illness for Cheap metin2 gold. Her devastating body is also rehabilitating, which is the most consoling news to anyone who is watching TV.

The story reminds me of my mother, who has been underground for two years. My father died when I was at the age of nine, leaving a younger sister who was 6 and an elder sister who was only 13. My mother had suffered a lot. At that time, life was so hard. Even survivance was difficult. Needless to say, we did not have enough to eat ourselves. However whenever a beggar went into our home, my mother would swiftly give a share of our food, which was so scanty and precious to us. I would like to buy metin2 gold online for its cheap price. I could not understand why she did this. And I even blamed her for that, since sometimes we had to beg for food too and more often than not what we received was only scoff and rebuff. But she only offered our precious food to the beggars and we are simply not better off than them, with the most cordial manners. The answer of my mother was only this: All the destitute are in the same boat.


Maple: What does life mean to us?
20:41, 2009-Mar-12

Life is full of complications and contradictions to me. I do not know what it really means to others. Life is full of maple mesos, you could not live without it. Words of Albert Einstein told me a lot and prevented me from so many vapid and meaningless and endless medications and contemplations on it. We were born to the earth, with no special aims. It is not like what is preached by some we have some holy missions to fulfill in this life. We are nothing but some kind of creature, a little different from other species since we are intelligent, imaginative and can think into the future. We should worry about many things in the future if you do not have mesos. We can make plans for our future and we can do something spiritually fulfilling, which is beyond the powers of other species.

The fundamental tasks of most other species are searching for food and cheap mesos. We can do a little more than that. However in so doing we can not say we are happier than them. Since too often than not, ignorance can stop us from being hurt. While enjoying the spiritual side of thing we are both made happy and sad. For example, the other animals do not know what will happen after they depart. However we can clearly know that there is nothing but maplestory mesos  and a permanent dark void after this life, which as a cruel fact intimidates us.

That is why we cheat ourselves every day that life is full of glorious and meaningful things that we can have a desire for and try to attain. In this kind of self-delusion we may forget the punishment that has been doomed to impose upon us since we came to the world. Life is only something a little more than survival and that is perhaps the meaningful, the spiritual side of it. I know we are all made of flesh and blood and one day or the other there is a disappearance of all, which makes my heart be laden with sorrow. I do not what life really is and how I should live this life. Pensively in a vacancy I am whenever I think of maple story mesos. Time and again I am sweated all over in the depth of the night when sleep fails me and I muse over such unsought-for medications.

To live a life as simple and innocent as possible is an idealistic style of life, just like what Tao Yuanming led. Nevertheless, surrounded by the clamors of the city, we can not find the place to live a life as a hermit. If you are cleverest, please tell me what life really means.


Mabinogi: Joy is by your side
20:41, 2009-Mar-12

Some of my friends asked me if it is hard to find joy. They said they always felt bad, they had bad days all the time, no mabinogi gold, no dates, no business, and no success. For them, life seems like deep dark hole, you see nothing, hear nothing and feel fears. Oh, boy, it is hard to find joys! For someone, who has the positive attitude will be easy to find joy in the life, but for those who are pessimistic, it is a hard thing to find the joy. And it does not mean that if you have cheap mabinogi, you will be easy to find the joy. Money is nothing but a tool, you could not use it to buy or look for the real joy.

I am thinking that, a person may feel happy because he saved life of other person, for he is a hero. Another one feels happy since he is greatly successful in his career. It is an example that you could not find the joy through mabinogi money, so no matter how much money you have; you could find the joy, although it is just by your side. Still another one feels happiness for his beautiful date or perfect family. But, please note my words here. You pick the pen up and give it to your classmate, he or she says thank you to you with smile, and you could feel happy. You spend three hours searching for your missing keys and you find it, you feel happy. When you feel happy, you will be more powerful to work and earn more mabinogi online gold. When you see a little goldfish coming back to life and swimming in a fish tank, you may get nothing or lose nothing, yet you also feel pleasure for the grace of God.

Happiness is such simple. It may happen in different place, in different situation and at different time, to all kinds of people. However the joy is all the same under the sky, no mater what you do are great affairs or little bits. If you want to buy mabinogi gold, you will find that the joy is just by your side; you should just look around then will find. So do not blame your fate for your carelessness. Dots try so hard, do not find joy hear and there too mush, for joy is by your side. You feel happy if you take great care for your life. Get over yourself and prepare for your dreams in the future. Yet do not expect to go through your life with happiness all the way, for life is made of sweets and bitters.


Metin2: Once I am so happy
20:15, 2009-Mar-2

Plus boring lonely life is my first play the metin2 game. At that time, when I repeated at every day to do that trivial, annoying thing, he is my only comfort in this because inside, I have a new community; I can vent my annoyance, at least. When I do not have enough Metin2 gold he will give me some. Even if my life, friends seldom, same game, I like very few friends, but I really miss it when the primary at the end of time, and several kings upgrade together when the fire fight for your mad.

There are a lot of crazy names are now forgotten, and they are mostly gone now. And they really miss the days when the side to kill the monsters while chatting. At that time we wanted a group of naughty children, do not worry, slowly grew up. As long as I go to earn the Metin2 yang I can be strong and then I can kill the monsters by myself. So I am very happy because I play the game.

Maybe when I grow up but the game is always game, game achievements that I can, but the game is not my achievements, even if the games is to be able to point me temporary happiness again and again. I can also get the Cheap metin2 yang from the game, but when I walk in the cold wind under the yellow street lights, loneliness in a city shuttle medium bustling neon lights, I am still so lonely with, but I also must learn how to tolerate such a state, still do not want to go to repeat every day to do their own thing. I want to change but can not incompetent, I always choose to go to escape everything, always wanted to put their own circle, and put others disturb my actions as rude. I do not know why I will become so, the envy of those games people happy every day. I only depend on the Cheap metin2 gold to cover my feelings. Efforts also once tried to go, but always as futile. Games to me are always virtual, reality always realistic; however, he should not want to give me things.

In the game I like to Buy metin2 gold because if I have enough them I can be strong and then no one can beat me. So I like to play the game very much and I am very happy when I play the game.


Ragnarok: Most love to play it
20:15, 2009-Mar-2

Through the introduction of my friends, I begin to play a game called Ragnarok. Now that my story began in February to play my game and started my career and I believe some of them very cute monster, I think that regardless of the plot from the screen or aspects of this is a very good game. There is a lot of ro zeny in the game and I like to own them. Since the cause of my own spare many supplementary angles, so the game also played well, my friends and me playing the same game.

He has a wife, then my find it laughable that courtship is really the sort of thing that can be foolish; my friend said that I do not understand. But when I met her, my whole game has changed the world. I always want to earn a lot of ragnarok zeny to be strong in the game. It was a cloudy afternoon, I and my friends free, however, decided and his group in the street a few friends together to upgrade, then to the girl, I did see her, think she is really very sweet, the hearts of a pleasure.

Then, we began with adventure, my friend has been chatting with him, I do not know why can not dare to speak, she felt very strange to me, therefore my question: how to earn the iro zeny in the game. I said: that was because I was fascinated by your beauty of it, she said: your mouth really good.

One day she was not online and I played the game alone, so I went to brush the cheap zeny alone but at this moment I found that playing the game alone was very sadness and then I went away. I did not know why she was not online and what she did at that moment. I miss her very much; I only want to meet her again in the game.

Finally she gave me a lot of ragnarok online zeny and then she said to me that she wanted to play the game with me together forever, and she wanted that I could take her to kill the monsters and go to upgrade. She wanted to be strong and have a lot of experience in the game when she played the game she can not be hurt by others. So in the game my most love to play the game and I like to play the game very much.


Perfect World: It is beautiful and exciting
20:14, 2009-Mar-2

I still remember that just started playing Perfect World game, when I go into the game on the market impact was charming and beautiful figures give attention. I am just playing my hand in the game, a lot of friends of mine very quickly to play the game, but also to talk about on the so-called husband games, and I can earn a lot of Perfect World Gold in the game, so I like the game very much. We are happy with when we go to kill the monsters and go to upgrade mission to do.

Unfortunately, not last, because my real life to talk about a boyfriend, because of for so little playing time, he also did not play because of work, and our fate on the way online games husband and wife over. Sometimes he will go to Buy Perfect World Gold to give me and take me to kill the monsters together. I like to play the game with him because when I play with him it is very exciting.

However one day I go to play the game alone and suddenly one player came to my side and said to me that do his wife. Have a voice struggling with the demand, he is playing wx 60 multi-level, which when more than 30 my class, and then he gave me some Perfect World Silver, at that moment I was very happy so I did yes do not want to be his wife, but he has been for me for several days, determined to watch him so I have to be made, said to be husband and wife. Little time with very little, because for him the pursuit of advanced and grade equipment, so little to accompany me, and he helped me earn a lot of Perfect World money in the game. I sometimes find it hard to do the mission also not dare to disturb him, to hang himself several times to complete the mission.

These I did not care to until yesterday, I told them to do to help him to get the cheap Perfect World Gold to make him stronger. Because just when the mission to eat only half of the evening when fb told him that there are three so how to do? He said something I will be looking for him, which I can go to earn the pw gold, and people like me. Say me why, I never took you what did not tell you what helped me, even if there are some, it is a one or two, you replay its my mission to lay down their hands to help you, their mission column mission did not make piles. It is beautiful and it is also exciting.


Rappelz: I do not want to be good person again
20:14, 2009-Mar-2

As we all know that better to the people, this is a man of principle. However it is difficult to be a good person, I have personally experienced it. I always think for the people, but no one will think for me. All people are selfish and this is known to everyone. Once my friends browed rappelz rupees from me and I agreed with his ask, but he did not return them to me in a timely manner. It let me very sad because I had no money after that.

I still remember that he borrowed rappelz gold from me that day and he said that he would return it in a short time. I borrowed him because we know each other since we are both children and we always study in the same school. And now we are in the same university, so I borrowed him.

However I regret borrowing to him. When I have not enough money, I want him to return it to me. But he said that he did not have money to return me, if you really want me to return it to you, I only go to buy rupees to give you. He said that he had no other ways to return me the money, and he wanted me not to ask him the money, he would return in a short time. He repeatedly assured me that I will be back in a short period of time.

I think I am very fool, I also believe that he would soon be returned to me. I have been to see him in my old classmates and good friends were on the no to let him return it to me immediately that he has been. But day by day and time has passed, he said, and I do not want my money also. One day he called me that he would return it to me tonight, so I was very happy. That night I went there and waited him to return it, to my surprise that he returned little rappelz money to me. I had nothing to say and looked at him deeply.

After that I did not say what the rest of the time he would return. I am waiting for my money he has. But to my surprise until now he has not returned the cheap rappelz rupees and I hate him very much now. I do not want to meet him again and I do not want to be good person again.


ROSE: I am very happy
01:42, 2009-Feb-19

I am very happy today because I know a new friend in the game and now we become good friends. We play the game together and go to unite to kill the monsters in the game. I know that if you want to play the game well you should have enough Rose zuly and then you can be strong, so other players will not go to fight you. I did not know how to earn them before but since I know him I know because he teaches me how to earn them.

I like to play the game and I prefer to play the game with him, when I play the game with him I can do not be afraid the monsters, because he will protect me from attacking. Only if I can go to earn the rose zulie, he will help me and he says to me that I have done a good job in the game. So I often go to play the game to wait for him coming. I know that playing the game is very interesting and in the game you can be released. So I think I am very happy since I have played the game and now I can play the game well.

I know that all things will be shown to all of you, but in my minds the illusion is in contrast to the reality of what kind of situation. I do not know, and I also do not want to know. I just know that I miss him now. If players see the rose online zuly, please tell me, I miss him very much. I believe that I will play the game often and to wait him to be on the line.

I do not know that he goes to brush the rose online zulie to give me and he wants to give me a big surprise. At the moment, my heart that has been quiet can hear your heart beat; however, people all wish to have resonance, out side the window of the moon, I face to the moon to miss him.

So I only want to say that I am very happy because of the game. I will try my best to earn the Arua ROSE zuly as possible as I can. I will help him play the game and thank him very much. I know him is my honor and I want to be his friend forever.


RF: It is my mistake or misses
01:42, 2009-Feb-19

I really want to speak the words out of my heart; I do not know who could to find a place to feel the words come out. I know him in the game and then indulge them in the game and rarely on the game, the day the game was upset, so he went to earn a lot of the rf gold to away the upset. I can meet him every day and we will play the game together often. Forgot what a chat on the sleep we are talking about, in a chat a few times in the next days, my network of life of many months with me.

I was still in the game every day and we talked very little time and less time in the game rarely, sometimes also hung there, do not reply, he felt old, I did not return a little unhappy. Some day he will give me the rf online gold he says to me. That day I said to him, you really want to accompany me then? Then you come to games with me and I remember when he said and I told him say I will teach him.

Later he did come, at that time in the game I am over 80, forget a few of the 80. I do not have to do if I was, I did not accompany him, and I still play in the game. He slowly groped in the game and then we went to brush the rf money to buy some weapons and equipment. We both think that it is very difficult to get the experience and to upgrade in the game.

Day in day after day, the day he told me that I resigned. I was already 90; the day he told me that in the game want I to marry him want to tell my wife and he will give me a lot of rf cp as the gift. I told him that you go to 90 I will marry you. In my mind to go to 90 are certainly not so quick, I have one only 90 so many years. In the ensuing days, he began frantically escalated, sleep less than five hours, watching him day by day, or up, I feel very guilty.

After that I can get some cheap rf gold by myself in the game, I feel that as long as our levels are high enough we can play the game well and everything is ok. In a word that it is my mistake or misses.


Dofus: I want to say thank you for your love
01:42, 2009-Feb-19

I have played the game for a long time and I still remember the time when you just know, it is your sister to introduce us known. At the time your sister says to me that you will get along well with me and let me do not worry. I was skeptical. Thinking it would be, you such a high level, how will I see in the eyes. We recognize the one-month unconsciously, you really good for me. And you give me the dofus kamas and let me unwittingly into the settlement, the networks know this is just a game, but I was unable to control my feelings.

I want to ask you that do you remember that divination room. You say that it is our local house. However long you have to go I pulled fortune-room chat, talk, every time I called to say good moving. I say kill eagles, but it should have kamas, then I play the game forever and want to get more and more.

We have a large difference of the levels, so I often go to upgrade, you cut down on cross angel, and I have to play every day, a very low level of the strange, and you want to kill monsters so you earn a lot of dofus gold to want to gain your rnergy. So the next day when you and I continue to upgrade, when you know I did not sleep a night when the general called me, but I know you are concerned about me.

However that night I was secretly upgrade did not dare to know, I am afraid you feel bad. In fact, I know I am afraid you are jealous. Really moving well, you have to do what I think. I always feel you regardless of your time and time again the capricious, and his temper. So I go to brush the cheap kamas to give you. I want to play the game well, I always play the game every day.

I just wanted to write this in mind, I would like to say it, because I think I saw you on the line when it is to stay, not leave my husband could not bear to you, really good you want to leave. I remember I can buy dofus kamas in the game. But if you leave, do not delete when you couple that I have been waiting for you, you are willing to come back that day, no matter how long it is. At last I want to say thank you for your love.


Metin2: My favorite game
01:41, 2009-Feb-19


I like to play the game very much and I remember the first friend I know in the game playe the game very well, with a very curious mind shooter from the village all the way to go in the forest city of adventure, in the accident outside the city I met him, and he confirmed my friends, after a few greetings to meet each other to the future has been very little talk with him, I do not know how to earn Metin2 gold. Even if the words, only the exchange of experience in the game, I know a lot of things about the game.

In order to upgrade, there is no time to sell the task props, so he made a post in the forum, and I give him Metin2 yang, those who are in need of the people can come and get my help, before the miracle play, understand the principle of shops selling things, it is better to send it to the new things take me, help me add some popularity.

After that I want to buy props and equipment to dress myself. so I try my best to Buy metin2 gold to gain my energy, so I have many popularity. If I often play the game I can get some popularity too. And so I play the game very well and I like the game very much.

Wnen I go to upgrade in the game, an understanding of friends, called genie lead, to be honest, I just understand the game friends have no interest in it, and so I would like to add your friend because your behavior I made a good impression. You often ask me that if I want to have more Cheap metin2 gold, he can give me a lot and he can help me to earn them. So I think you are my good friend and I want to be your good friend too.

Once I remember that I help a friend of mine to gain his energy, I go to earn Cheap metin2 yang to give him a lot. And I also help him kill the monsters together, I think that we should help each other while playing the game. So we can all become strong and powerful.

Finally I want to say that I become your friend is my honored, and I love the game, I want to play the game forever. My favorite game is just the Metin2, as long as I play the game I will feel very happy.


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